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Blue Ridge Fly Fishing

Blue Ridge, Georgia, lies on the tail end of the Blue Ridge Mountain range, and is a charming town known for its picturesque scenery, outdoor adventures, and excellent fly fishing. With its pristine rivers, beautiful landscapes, and abundant trout, Blue Ridge, Georgia is an angler's haven.

Fishing the Toccoa River

The Toccoa River is the most popular destination for fly fishing in Blue Ridge, Georgia. The river is stocked regularly with rainbow and brown trout with the occasional brook trout. Seasonal runs of smallmouth bass and walleye as run the river at some point during the year making it an excellent spot for catching fish. The best time to fish the Toccoa River is from late Spring through Fall when the water levels are lower and the fish are more active. The trout fishing on the Toccoa River is split into two sections which you can read about in our article on Fly Fishing the Toccoa River.

Rock Creek Fly Fishing

Rock Creek is one of the most popular stocked trout streams in the state. The creek is home to Georgia’s National Fish Hatchery which keeps the creek loaded with fish for about six months out of the year. The creek also boasts a fair population of small wild trout as do its larger tributary streams. Adventurous anglers can find these fish with a bit of walking and some bush whacking.

Coopers Creek Fly Fishing

Coopers creek sees thousands of stocked trout each year alongside its modestly healthy population of wild trout. It’s similarities to Rock Creek are many but Coopers lies in a much more rural area closer to the tiny town of Suches, GA. It is easy to get lost on the long and windy gravel road that parallels much of the creek and its adjacent tributary streams. Finding seclusion is easy in every season outside of the months where the streams is stocked heavily.

Noontootla Creek Fly Fishing

Another popular spot for fly fishing in Blue Ridge, Georgia is the Noontootla Creek. This beautiful creek is home to some of the best wild trout fishing in the area. Anglers can catch rainbow, brown, and brook trout in likely the most scenic area in North Georgia. The best time to fish Noontootla Creek is from the spring and fall when the water temperatures are cooler than they are on many of the surrounding waters and the trout are much more active. These trout will feed on the surface regularly making dry flies an excellent option.

Fightingtown Creek Fly Fishing

On the west side of town anglers can find great fishing on several of the Toccoa and Cartecay River tributaries. Fightingtown Creek feeds the Toccoa River below the Blue Ridge Dam. While there are a couple stretches of public water on the creek, Fightingtown is best known for its stretches of private water that are stocked by the local land owners. These trout move freely up and down the creek and even out into the Toccoa River at times. Late Summer and Fall is a great time to visit as many fish from the river move back into the creek to escape falling water levels and rising temperatures as well as starting their annual spawning routine.

Fly Fishing the Cohuttas

The upper sections of Boardtown Creek, Mountaintown Creek, and the Ellijay River also begin in this area and offer great trout fishing opportunities. While Boardtown and the Ellijay River are mostly private which is stocked regularly by locals, the uppermost stretch of Mountaintown Creek is remote and loaded with wild trout. Access to the many falls and plunge pools that are found throughout this upper section lies within the Cohutta Wilderness.

Jacks River Fly Fishing

The Jacks River is another excellent spot for fly fishing in Blue Ridge, Georgia. This beautiful river is located in the Cohutta Wilderness and is known for its excellent fishing opportunities. Rainbow and brown trout are most common here, as the river is home to wild trout populations. The best time to fish the Jacks River is in the summer and fall when the long days and lower water make the trek out into the Cohutta Wilderness easier. Some of the best flies to use on the Jacks River include nymphs and dry flies on a dry dropper rig.

Blue Ridge Fly Fishing For Beginners

If you're new to fly fishing, Blue Ridge, Georgia is an excellent place to learn. Several Blue Ridge Fly Fishing Guides offer classes that can teach you the basics of fly fishing, including casting techniques, fly selection, and reading the water. Guided fly fishing trips in Blue Ridge are also available for experienced anglers where hunting the coveted Appalachian Slam is an excellent challenge for all skill levels. Private waters in the area offer the opportunity at trophy class trout and teach anglers how to fight bigger trout.

Overall, the Trout Capital of Georgia is a must-visit destination for any trout angler. With its excellent trout fishing opportunities, beautiful scenery, and peaceful surroundings, it's no wonder tourists flock to the area each year and decide to learn more about fly fishing. Whether you're an experienced angler or a beginner, there's something for everyone in Blue Ridge, Georgia. We dive into more opportunities to go Fly Fishing in Georgia with our articles on Fly Fishing Helen, Fly Fishing Blue Ridge, and Fly Fishing Ellijay.

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